The Integrated and
Adaptable Solution for Enterprises 


Your integrated solution for service planning. With two core modules and additional add-ons, it unifies Service Desk, CRM, ERP and SRP on a single platform.

Our user-friendly and adaptable design makes you feel like it was created specifically for your company, effortlessly connecting your operational and administrative processes.


Functionalities Bemira One

Our platform
Bemira One

With its 3 integrated modules, it allows you to manage your services from the cloud. You can:

  • Organize and quote services.
  • Take care of product warranties.
  • Integrate contractors as needed.
  • Track customer response to quotations.
  • Control your company's assets from inception to retirement.
  • Receive customer feedback with satisfaction surveys at the conclusion of each service.



Integral Connection: Customers, Technicians, Contractors and Supervisors

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Our brochure addresses the following aspects in detail:

  • Services
  • Service process
  • Complementary warranties
  • Contractors complement
  • Type of users