Bemira was founded in 2005, innovating and developing in the information technology and communications sector.

Bemira in 2017 competes nationally and wins by the Government of Mexico the opportunity to receive training in Silicon Valley California US, for the international acceleration of the company.

Grupo Bemira is currently made up of business units that each have their own corporate name, being the Software unit the first to be created, and later Telecom,   whose business structure has allowed it to carry out comprehensive state and national projects.

Bemira is distinguished by its NYCE certification, ensuring the quality and safety of our products from commercialization to importation. This certification not only reduces the associated risks, but also drives continuous improvement by identifying and perfecting key processes in our organization. Your trust in Bemira is backed by certified standards of excellence and commitment to safety. 


In 2022, Grupo Bemira was awarded the prestigious Exceptional Companies award, a recognition that honors business leaders who have implemented exceptional practices in the creation of social, environmental and economic value.

This recognition is a testament to Grupo Bemira's unwavering commitment to sustainability and the well-being of the communities it serves. The company has demonstrated exceptional leadership in implementing initiatives that promote social development, environmental protection and economic growth.




Additional details:


Our Philosophy


To serve and support our clients in the various sectors in optimizing through the development of IT solutions that solve their business or governmental needs. Allowing the business sector to grow both economically and geographically, collaborating in their progress; in the government sector contribute to achieve a better quality of life in our country.


By 2027, we seek to be a consolidated company in quality IT services in the center of the country and in the Bajío region, having commercial presence in IT Consulting services and Technological Development of applications, thus collaborating in the improvement of products and services of our customers. We seek to be at the same time the number one developer in creative and innovative systems specialized in service.


To offer a professional and quality IT service, through computational methods and techniques, that help to improve the level of competitiveness of our clients, through the highest international standards of services, that provide the satisfaction of their technological needs.

To position in a local and foreign market in the specialized area of housing units in a period of 2 years, through the Real Estate Management System "BmxCloud Condominiums", in its two modules: Owners and Administrative.