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Bemira One

Digitize, Plan and Manage Your Services

BmxCloud is an online platform that optimizes the planning and management of services, combining modules for Services, Contractors and Warranties. It acts as a Service Desk integrated with CRM, ERP and SRP functions, adapting to any company with its user-friendly and flexible design.

  • Service management
  • Internal service management and asset maintenance
  • Critical services with evidence
  • Contractor management
  • Branch offices
  • Authorized service centers
  • Technician levels
  • Complex services
  • Large projects, including worldwide


Functionalities Bemira One

Resource Use Planning

  • Assigns tasks, materials
  • Organize projects

Optimize your time and save money

  • Monitor technicians and contractors
  • Customer contact
  • Reports and dashboards

Maximize your revenue

  • Auto service requests
  • Accelerate billing and collections

Operational and Administrative Integration

  • Tactical customer surveys
  • Relates services to revenues and expenditures
  • Cash flows, bank reconciliation

Bemira Home

Integral and Real-Time Management for Owners and Managers.

Centralizes property management in a digital platform, facilitating instant communication with owners and allowing real-time access to financial information, payments, notices, income and expenses, either from a browser or the official app on Android and iOS.

  • Accurate and updated information on your accounts
  • Actively participate in condominium decisions
  • Instantly consult published documents and circulars
  • Keep track of your staff's attendance
  • Consumption reports in the Restaurant-Bar


Functionalities Bemira Home

Account statements

  • Consult payments
  • Payments to be mader

Manage with total transparency

  • Immediate access to accurate account data
  • Instant access to documents and circulars

Scheduled visits

  • Secure and organize your space in advance
  • Maintain updated data on common areas


  • Point of Sale Management
  • Cashless Transactions


Authorized Digital License Provider

Purchase original software and licenses and receive them immediately. We have original licenses for Dropbox Business, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Adobe, Acronys Cyber Protect and CONTPAQi.

  • Fast license management and contract renewals
  • Savings in IT contracts
  • Minimization of time in contract negotiations and adjustments
  • Contract adjustment according to the actual needs of the organization


Digital Licenses

Dropbox Business

Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365

Acronys Cyber Protect

Adobe Creative Cloud

CONTPAQi® Sales, Invoicing, Payroll, Banking and Accounting.


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